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Holistic Leadership Retreat - The Authentic Encounter

  • Kasteelhoeve 26 Eliksemstraat Linter, Vlaanderen, 3350 Belgium (map)
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Rituals are an essential part of our life. They structure our days and give us a sensation of control over things we actually cannot control.  If you choose them wisely, they make you more mindful  and prepare you mentally and physically for the upcoming day. During the day, they give you something to look forward to (like a cup of hot tea, or a walk) so you are motivated to focus more and in the evening, they allow you to look back on the day’s events, evaluate how things went and help you to relax for a restful night. 

From the 29th of April till the 2nd of May, you will learn how to create your personal rituals in The Authentic Encounter,a holistic retreat program for women leaders that will help to empower you as a person and reinforce you in your role as a leader. The program will be held at De Kasteelhoeve, located in the beautiful undulating Hageland, surrounded by hundreds of acres of orchards and fields.

Here is what’s on the menu: 

Leadership Expert Helena Demuynck will help you to 

- identify your Values for upright leading and decision making

- integrate your personal Purpose in your professional life

- build resilience to be flexible, adapt to new circumstances quickly and thrive in constant change

- create a community of support to leverage your strengths 

- engage in Conversational Intelligence™ to amplify your interactions


Communication Coach Sylvie Verleye will support you to 

-identify your Natural  Speech Style and how to Connect

-discover how to adapt quickly and get your message across in a Short and Crystal Clear way 

- integrate Storytelling to communicate with Impact and Influence

-discover how Stress Hormones work and the impact on other hormonal functions that determine your Energy Level

-offer insights how food can help balance hormone Energy levels 


And I will teach you 

daily stretching routines and easy cardio and strength training for a flexible, healthy body and abundant energy

breathing techniques and tools to relax and recharge your body & mind 

powerful visualisations and easy meditation and mindfulness techniques

healthy lifestyle and nutrition advice

You will also learn more about the power of aromatherapy and how it can influence your performance, mood an physical wellbeing and I will bring my Earth Year Gong for a powerful sound healing experience

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Earlier Event: April 28
Later Event: May 5